Worship With Us

Music is part of our faith history. Whether it is through painful expression or exhortation of praise, we come from a long line of people who have expressed their faith through song. The power of music cannot be ignored. Humanity is moved by music in ways beyond explanation. It allows us to move deeper - to a place where words alone cannot take us.

Though music and the arts are powerful expressions of our worship, we recognize that it is certainly not limited to these. We believe worship is the act of completely offering up our lives in adoration and service to God and God alone. Christ is our worship leader - our model.

We believe worship is humanity's true response to an encounter with God - an expression of our love relationship with Him. The purpose of worship is to unify a diverse people and create the body of believers God has called us to be. We aim to be a team that lives out what we sing.

Are we willing to faithfully represent Christ in our worship? Our goal is not simply to encourage and challenge each other in our worship on Sundays. Rather, we strongly believe our worship needs to define who we are in our lives between Sundays so that we may faithfully represent Christ to those outside the walls of the church.